Are you afraid of color? Don’t be!

Many women never venture into coloring their hair out of fear of damaging it.  Yes, damage is a possible reality but that will only happen if:

  1. Your hair is not strong enough to be colored.
  2. You do not keep up with proper hair treatments.
  3. You do not follow at home care instructions given by your stylist.
  4. You have attempted to color your own hair and have over processed.

These are just a few reasons your hair can be damaged by coloring. Let us reassure you that Mahogany Naturals will not offer any coloring service that will damage your hair.  We always advise our clients of the best color option to suit their needs.

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Temporary Color/Semi Permanent Color

This is by far the most popular method of coloring.  It is easy to do and can be done as often as you like.  Most people refer to this type of color as hair rinses. It is applied usually after your wash and set with a plastic cap and heat for about 30 minutes.

This type of color is great if you want to darken or add more shine and vibrancy to an existing color.  It does not lighten your hair in any way.  This type of color will fade out after each shampoo.

Permanent Color/Hair Dye

This type of coloring is great for those who want maximum grey coverage and a longer lasting color.  It has the ability to lighten or darken your hair.  This should only be applied every 6 weeks for touch ups.

It will not wash out after a shampoo, although as time goes on it will lose luster if no touch up is given.  This type of coloring takes well to natural hair.


This seems to be the most feared method of color change.  We can understand why.  If applied incorrectly, your hair can experience a great deal of stripping and lose its strength.  We do not recommend you apply this to your own hair.

Some colors are only achieved by lightening the hair first.  Mahogany Naturals’ stylists are trained to do this properly.  We will be able to tell you if this is something that your hair can withstand.

At the time of your consultation, your stylist will discuss which color option is est fr you based on the look that you want.

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