Natural Styles

There is a very common concern that most women have when considering natural hair.  This concern is “How will I wear it?” or “I wouldn’t know what to do.”

This is a very legitimate concern, we wouldn’t want anyone to feel discouraged because they are unaware of the endless possibilities.

Natural hair can be styled beautifully for any occasion.  You can opt for a casual twist out or an up-do for a special day/night.

Here at Mahogany Naturals, you can feel secure in knowing we have the knowledge and the capability to guide you on this journey.  You are not alone!

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A very common protective style among loose naturals are Two Strand Twists, Comb Twists and Finger Coils.  These are long lasting and have the ability to get better with age.  Any of these styles can be worn for 2-4 weeks.  Some prefer to go longer however we caution you that exceeding that time can result in tangling/knotting of your hair.

Rod Set/Straw Set/Spiral Curls

Many don’t know that you can enjoy a curly look even if you don’t have relaxed hair.  The great thing about having a curly set is how it looks as it ages.  Just like twist styles, your hair will begin to transform into another look.  Curls will become coils and you can enjoy this for 2-3 weeks.  It is an excellent choice for those who love to wear afros and puffs.


Do you have a special occasion to attend or just want to try something different?  Natural up-do’s are perfect because they give you that refined look that can be worn for work, girls night, or a wedding.  You can choose to accessorize accordingly to fit your style.  If you’re worried about your hair being too short or thin, there is no need.  Here at Mahogany Naturals, we can taper each look so that you look your absolute best for your occasion.

How long your style will last greatly depends on each individual and the style that is chosen.  At the time of your consult, your stylist will advise you on this.


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