Permanent Loc Extensions

Loc extensions are becoming more popular day by day.  The convenience and versatility of this style is what encourages clients to have them done.  We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to offer a better understanding of the locs and the installation process.  Of course you can always contact us if you would like more information.

  1. What are permanent loc extensions? These are handmade locs that are attached to your hair.  The locs are crafted from 100% human afro kinky hair bulks and can be dyed, colored and treated just as you would your natural hair.  This service is available to men, women and children.
  2. How are the locs made and installed?The loc crafting method is one that is exclusive to our team and we are unable to share details of this process.  The installation method depends mostly on the length of the client’s hair.  Locs are primarily attached with loc tools.  No form of glue or adhesive is used in attaching locs to your hair.  The use of thread (sewing locs in) is also not standard practice but has been used in cases of client request and special circumstances.  However, we do not encourage this method.  Once installation is complete, locs are blended naturally with your hair and groomed for a seamless finish.  These are not to be confused with the temporary style faux locs.  Faux locs are done by a wrapping method and are not natural looking.  
  3. Can I take the locs out? The locs are meant to be permanent.  If you decide that you no longer wish to keep your extensions in, the removal process is the same as if you have been growing your locs for years.  You can choose to have the locs cut out, or attempt to loose each one.  There is no guarantee that you will be able to retain the hair length that you had  prior to having your locs installed.  We do not offer loc removal as a service. 
  4. How quickly can I have them done? – The timing depends on each order.  First, we do not prioritize based on order quantity.  Each loc order is fulfilled in the order that it is received.  Once payment is received for the locs, the process can begin.  This usually is completed within 2-3 weeks.  Please note that shipping of hair bulks can affect completion time,  we always keep our clients posted with this information in the event that it will compromise completion date.
  5. Can I still get the extensions if my hair is relaxed? – Yes, you can add loc extensions to your hair even if your hair is relaxed.  For best results, you should have at least one (1) inch of unprocessed new growth.  Loc extensions can be added to loose natural hair, existing locs, or relaxed hair.
  6. How are the locs sold?The locs are sold in bundles of ten (10).  Once we determine the amount that is needed, you will be able to purchase the amount of bundles to cover the total.
  7. How much do they cost? -Loc bundles can be purchased through our online store, prices for each bundle is listed.