Your Visit

Thank you for choosing Mahogany Naturals Hair & Nail Studio.  Here are a few things you should know in preparation for your salon visit.


Consultations are highly recommended if this is your first visit with us.  Not only are we able to have a better understanding of your hair, but we are able to determine the best options that will benefit you and also accommodate your budget.  At this time, we do not offer consultations over the phone.  There is no consultation fee and no appointment is necessary as long as the stylist is available.

NOTE: Permanent loc extensions require mandatory consultation and an appointment must be set.  The fee is $20.00.It is recomended that consultations for this service be done in person, however arrangements can be made via Skype or Instant Messaging for off island clients.

Hair Preparation

We do not offer removal of previous styles, hair extensions or braids/twists as a salon service.  We humbly ask that you ensure all styles are taken down prior to your appointment.  If not, this can result in a penalty fee and/or appointment rescheduling at stylist’s discretion.

Most services offered at Mahogany Naturals come with a shampoo and conditioning session so clients do not have to worry about this before their visit.  If not, it will be stated in the service description and can be requested for an additional fee.

Booking Your Appointment

Appointments can be made via booking website, telephone, or in person.  We recommend booking as early as possible to ensure availability.  Please be clear of everything that you would like to have done to ensure the schedule is set to accommodate you.  For example, we won’t be able to guarantee a treatment or coloring service if it isn’t specified in advance. Click here to book an appointment.

Additional Guests & Children

We have limited seating available for clients receiving salon services.  We ask that you do not bring any additional guests that aren’t receiving services to your appointment.

We are happy to provide hair services to young naturals (ages 7+), however we do have a no children policy for those that are not receiving services.


At this time, we only accept cash.  No credit. No refunds.